My recent travels have taken me to Istanbul and Tanzania. In the next few weeks (this being written October 21) I will be uploading images from my journey. Look for historical sites in Istanbul and amazing wild animals from Tanzania.
"Under African Skies", my night photo of a Baobab tree in Tanzania with the Milky Way was recently chosen for exhibition at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara, CA along with "House on Fire" which can be found in the Utah Gallery.
Additionally, my Calendar for 2018 is now available for purchase at https://www.createphotocalendars.com/Store/2018+Safari+Calendar-1866218827. Since this is a "print on demand" shop, I will not have any inventory at my studio, but you can shop to your heart's content on line.
These website pages are constantly under construction. I have a wide array of photos for you to enjoy and purchase, either as limited edition prints for your home or office, note cards or for stock photos for commercial use, and add to the collections regularly. Everything you currently see on these pages is available for purchase now.
If you sign up for an account, I will email you when I have new photos up for your viewing and purchasing pleasure as well as letting you know about any special events or sales.



Newest Media

This Way or That Way?

  • Title: This Way or That Way?
  • Description: A school of bluestripe snappers...

Ascending Prayers in

  • Title: Ascending Prayers in
  • Description: Underwater photo of bubbles floating...

Sugar Cane for Lunch

  • Title: Sugar Cane for Lunch
  • Description: A Syke's Monkey (Blue Monkey)...

Crowded in the Shade

  • Title: Crowded in the Shade
  • Description: A group of zebras crowd together in a...

Random Media

Dinner Salad

  • Title: Dinner Salad
  • Description: A blond grizzly bear munches on some...

Sandscape: Abstraction #6

  • Title: Sandscape: Abstraction #6
  • Description: Abstract pattern sculpted into sand...

Elk at Sunrise

  • Title: Elk at Sunrise
  • Description: A bull elk stands among fall grasses...


  • Title: Reunited
  • Description: Sibling grizzly bear cubs sniff noses...